Additional Design Solutions

While logos and brochures are undoubtedly essential elements of any brand, our passion for creativity extends far beyond the conventional. We thrive on creative challenges and relish the opportunity to breathe life into your brand. Beyond the traditional realms of design, we’ve designed all sorts from T-shirts, to puzzles and badges and much more – discover the full spectrum of possibilities as we offer expert guidance on novel ways to elevate your brand.

  • Screen Printed T-shirt Design using 5 colours
  • Five Colour Screen Print Tshirt Design

Screen Printed Tshirt Design

It was great fun illustrating and designing Team Dark Horse’s team T-shirt! We opted for the quality of screen-printing - a specialist printing technique whereby each colour in a design is separated onto individual screens. The design and illustration process is therefore more complex than if you were to print a design in full colour. With no option to use gradients/tints this means getting creative with halftone patterns to bring a design to life. This design uses 5 colours (white, yellow, cream plus two greys 30% black + 70% black)

  • Band Album Artwork Design

Erica Album Artwork Design

We have a long history of designing Erica’s album artwork. 'White Horse,' is the latest addition to our album artwork design portfolio. With a deliberate nod to the dynamic 80s era, our mission was to infuse this project with vibrant nostalgia. Neon colours take centre stage, strategically chosen to evoke the electric vibrancy of that iconic period.

  • Full Colour Umbrella Design & Print
    Full Colour Umbrella Design & Print
  • Brochure/Bespoke Packaging
    Brochure/Bespoke Packaging
  • Book Cover Design
    Book Cover Design
  • Charity Donation Box Design
    Charity Donation Box Design
  • Band CD Artwork Design
    Band CD Artwork Design
  • Branding & Packaging Design
    Branding & Packaging Design
  • Anniversary Logo and Calendar
    Anniversary Logo and Calendar
  • Christmas Advertising Campaign Design
    Christmas Advertising Campaign Design
  • Bubble Brand & Packaging Design
    Bubble Brand & Packaging Design
  • Magazine Editorial & Advert Design
    Magazine Editorial & Advert Design