Custom Illustration

Transform your brand identity and captivate your audience with the distinct touch of our custom illustration services! At the heart of our offerings is the commitment to elevate your brand through visually stunning and tailor-made graphics. Whether you're looking to enhance your website aesthetics, solidify your branding elements, or bring an entirely out-of-the-box concept to life, we’ll be at hand to turn your vision into captivating illustrations.

  • Map Illustration/Design
  • Visitor Guide Design

Illustrated Map and Guide Design

A fundamental aspect of the overall design for any visitor attraction is the creation of a comprehensive map and guide. We took on the challenge of redesigning and illustrating a new map for Sudeley, approaching it from a fresh perspective to enhance the visitor experience. Our objective was to make navigating through Sudeley more intuitive and engaging. The layout is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that individuals of all ages and backgrounds can easily interpret and follow the map.

  • Screen Printed T-shirt Design using 5 colours
  • Five Colour Screen Print Tshirt Design

Screen Printed Tshirt Design

It was great fun illustrating and designing Team Dark Horse’s team T-shirt! We opted for the quality of screen-printing - a specialist printing technique whereby each colour in a design is separated onto individual screens. The design and illustration process is therefore more complex than if you were to print a design in full colour. With no option to use gradients/tints this means getting creative with halftone patterns to bring a design to life. This design uses 5 colours (white, yellow, cream plus two greys 30% black + 70% black)

  • Cheltenham Infographic Design
    Cheltenham Infographic Design
  • Tourist Information Graphic Design
    Tourist Information Graphic Design
  • Christmas Advertising Campaign Design
    Christmas Advertising Campaign Design
  • Illustration and Album Artwork
    Illustration and Album Artwork
  • Custom Character Illustration
    Custom Character Illustration
  • Award Winning Annual Report Design
    Award Winning Annual Report Design
  • Custom Illustration
    Custom Illustration