Why we love WordPress?

We love WordPress! It has been part of our web development skill set for many years and we have created and customised many WordPress sites over the years. But what is it we love about WordPress?

WordPress Community

One of the principal reasons we love WordPress is its supportive community. We are active members of the local Cheltenham meetup (WP Chelt) and we have attended WordCamps both in the UK and Europe.

With WordPress being open source this means there are millions people around the globe are using WordPress, so chances are if you have an issue someone out there will know the answer and will most likely be willing to help out!


WordPress comes with thousands of plugins that allow additional functionality to be installed with a few clicks. However before clicking “activate” it is important to remember that not all plugins are built the same and most of the time the plugin may not actually be required. Our technical know-how allows us to advise and install only those plugins that are essential for your website’s functionality, resulting in improved page load speeds and improved security.

WordPress evolves

When it was first introduced in 2003 WordPress was created and used predominately as a blogging platform. Over the years it has evolved into so much, you can now create almost anything and the opportunities are endless. The recent launch of version 5 and the somewhat controversial introduction of Gutenberg/Block editor sees the next stage in its development and growth of WordPress. While others are somewhat dubious, we are to embracing the latest changes!

Intuitive Content Management

Out of the box WordPress comes with intuitive content management for pages and blogs, additionally it allows for easy image/media uploads which is a great to get things up and running quickly. This can then be expanded to add endless custom post types that are specific to your websites requirements (team, services, events for example) all of which can be separated via customisation categories and customised with bespoke layouts.

Although we do favour WordPress it is important to understand it may not always be the best option. We are proficient in other CMS (Craft, Perch, Joomla for instance) and can also create bespoke solutions should your requirements be more complex. Before any work is undertaken we’d always suggest a call to discuss your requirements!

Ps. For you can find information on how we work with WordPress here.