The Fixer

We are loving 'The Fixer' on BBC2 right now. It really hammers home the importance of getting your branding and first impressions right, whatever your business. On each episode, every company goes through a much needed refresh. The improved, clean and professional appearance.

The common problems you see in each episode are:

  • Poor uninspiring signage
  • Dated marketing materials
  • Home printed posters
  • Weak logo/product packaging
  • Unappealing shop frontage

Have you looked at the impression you as a business are giving off from an outsider's point of view recently?

If you feel you need a refresh, then we are here to help. We have years of experience in helping to improve brands at affordable rates. A handful of small changes could make a massive difference to the future of your business. It is amazing to see what professional design with correct layout, imagery and typography can do to transform that all important first impression.

We also understand the difficulties faced financially by small/start up businesses so will offer solutions that work but at the same time won't break the bank. If you think you would benefit from a free no obligation chat to get you moving in the right direction, then get in touch. We make good tea/coffee and provide great cakes (after all it would be awful if we didn't practise what we preach!)

You can catch previous episodes of The Fixer over on BBC iPlayer.

More 'Thoughts from MRD' soon!