Print is not dead!

Internet chatter would lead you to believe that print is dead. We beg to differ! Despite the increase in content being digested via digital platforms there will always be a requirement for printed materials and it is something we are hugely passionate about here at Maple Rock.

Printed materials will always have a place in all marketing plans. The options available are endless and with advances in print technology the choices are now greater than ever. Plus 'print' doesn't just mean paper; you can print on just about anything now from T-shirts, mugs, Perspex... you name it!

With so much competition online, this leaves a space to stand out using other media. Direct mail for example - everyone loves receiving post, especially when it is a beautifully crafted and printed piece.

Choosing the right printer for the job is paramount in getting the job right. There are hundreds of suppliers throughout the U.K., some great, some awful! Over the years we have gained great relationships with a trusted list of suppliers for all your print requirements, from small-run digital, large-run lithographic and more bespoke items such as branded folders, packaging and much more!

Why not get creative with your next print project?