Our Six Tips towards successful design

We have compiled the following tips as a 'quick start guide' to some of the essential elements of good design, all of which go towards creating the best impression of your business - after all, as we all know, first impressions count!

We have lots of experience in putting these into practice for companies large and small, so please do get in touch to find out more, we are always happy to help.

1. Branding

No matter how large or small your company may be, the importance of building a consistently solid brand should never be overlooked.

Your brand is the unique personality of your business and an eye-catching logo that reflects this is just the start. Branding needs to be universal across all media from print to web, enabling instant recognition and trust. Colours, fonts, logo and literature all need to work hand in hand to convey an all important message about YOU, at a glance, and ensure your business stands head and shoulders above the rest.

2. Online Presence

With the increased growth in social media and the advances in technology in recent years, your online presence is now so much more than just a website.

HTML emails are a fantastic way to keep in touch with clients and reach out to new audiences. Social media may seem daunting but with a little help is easy to master, ensuring your company remains up-to-date and accessible. Of course, a website is still key - it must be engaging and easy to use whilst also responding to the vast array of devices that access it in our modern world.

3. Content

Across all forms of marketing literature, and probably most crucially with your website, it is true that content is king.

Writing in a tone of voice that speaks to your target audience while also being coherent and concise is pivotal for this one. The right copy can see you rank highly on Google, whilst unnecessarily lengthy, uninteresting or repeated text is going to do more harm than good ? so it?s definitely worth either investing in professional copywriting services or spending that extra time getting it right!

4. Imagery

We cannot stress the importance of good photography enough. Sadly, even the most well designed, tactile brochure can be completely let down by bad imagery.

A stunning photo can transform the simplest of website or brochure into a thing of beauty, regardless of subject. Stock photography is a cost-effective way to get great imagery, whilst a custom photoshoot is probably cheaper than you think and will make a huge difference in showcasing your product and making sure your marketing material stands out in the crowd.

5. Layout & Typography

A well-designed document should draw the reader into the text, or at the very least, not put them off reading.

Effective layout supported by clear typographic style and hierarchy will make the difference between a design that instantly speaks to your audience to one that leaves people uninterested and disengaged.

6. Use a Good Agency!

Hopefully our website speaks for itself, and it is evident that we love what we do resulting in high quality design every time. We have a strong design heritage, all backed up with the exemplary service you'd expect to receive from a top quality design agency.