HTML Email Marketing

Sometimes called email marketing, or simply e-shots, are you baffled by some of the more modern methods of promotion you've heard about? You may be missing out on some great opportunities to promote your brand. In this latest 'thought' from Maple Rock we will explain a little more on the advantages a bespoke email campaign can offer.

So what is an HTML email? HTML emails are formatted similar to a web page, complete with graphics, links, tables etc, and are sent out via a mailing agent to a database of client email addresses. These sorts of email campaigns are relatively cheap to set up, have no postage costs unlike traditional mail drops (though a sending fee does apply) and best of all, they can be monitored so you can see firsthand how many people are opening your emails and clicking on the links, proving invaluable when targeting your future mailings.

Campaigns are instant - the moment they are sent, they arrive at your client's desktop, rather than being lost in the pile of mail that comes through the door each morning. You can control when they are sent, for instance it is usually accepted that between 11am and 2pm is the optimum time. Also avoiding Monday mornings (full inbox after the weekend) and Friday afternoon (People are winding down for the weekend) is recommended.

As for content, this is entirely up to you. Perhaps you'd like to send out a monthly newsletter to keep your clients up to date, or perhaps you want to inform clients of a fantastic deal that you're offering. You may wish to send out Christmas greetings or just show off your products, the opportunities are endless!

Maple Rock Design have many years experience of building HTML emails, so we do know what will and won't work across the multitude of email packages that are out there (Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook etc). We also rigorously test all campaigns to ensure the email looks the same no matter who opens it.

We offer a full email design service based around your content, or alternatively we can set up a template which can easily and cheaply be updated with new content as and when required. We also have the facilities in-house to manage your customer email list and send out emails on your behalf.

So if this is something you think Maple Rock could help you with give us a call today!