How we work with WordPress?

WordPress is a fantastic tool that can support the development of any website. However with all website technologies there are many ways in which its power can be harnessed. With this in mind our view, when looking to hire a web developer to create your WordPress website, is that they understand how to get the best of out the platform and to fully understand what is going on “under the hood”. It’s a bit like hiring a mechanic to fix your car – would you really trust someone that didn’t understand the fundamentals?

Here is how we like to work with WordPress.

Minimal reliance on Plugins

Plugins are great, however they are not always needed. We look to create WordPress sites that use only a handful of essential plugins. The majority of our sites use only the following plugins: Yoast (for SEO), Advanced Custom Fields (allowing for complex custom data structures to be assigned to posts, Ninja Forms (for complex form requirements). If you require a plugin for additional functionality we will research the market to recommend the best plugin for the job or look to code the functionality ourselves by expanding the WordPress core with bespoke code.

Custom WordPress Themes

Most off the shelf themes and page builders are very ‘samey’ and at times can be complex to get your head around should you wish to make any unexpected tweaks. We have the in-house capabilities to design and code custom themes and layouts (the way the front end of your website looks). This allows us to create a website that looks exactly the way you want it to and complements your existing brand (if you’ve not got one yet we can also help you out with that!)

Understanding and Expanding the Core

Our in-depth understanding of how WordPress works, coupled with a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the technologies that it runs on (Servers, HTML, CSS, PHP & JavaScript) allow us to expand WordPress for bespoke requirements. We can create complex custom post types with complex categories and data structures, customise the dashboard, create custom plugins and much more.

Ongoing WordPress Support and Maintenance

Once WordPress is installed it is important to keep on top of security by regularly updating to ensure everything is up to date. We offer a WordPress support package whereby we ensure regular updates and should the worst happen we will be on hand to resolve any issues.

WordPress might not be the best fit for your needs and, as with any work we undertake, it is important to understand your requirements before committing to a technical solution. We would therefore always discuss your requirements before advising you on the best way forward.

Ps. You can find information on why we love WordPress here.