Cheltenham Pre-Election Debate

Last Friday night (27th March 2015) we took part in the Pre-Election debate held at the Queen’s Hotel and organised by Hunter Page Planning, Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce and Cotswold BMW.

The evening proved to be both interesting and informative as the panel discussed all the key political issues affecting the Cheltenham community. The panel consisted of the following members: Martin Horwood (Lib Dem), Alex Chalk (Conservative), Christina Simmonds (UKIP), Richard Lupson Darnell (Independent), Simon Pickering (Green Councillor as the Green Party Candidate unable to attend) Ruth Dooley (Accountant and Partner at Hazelwoods), Peter Goatley (Barrister, No 5 Chambers). Paul Fong (MD HPP) chaired the event.

During the evening we organised a ballot to see who the audience felt performed best, we’ve counted the results and can announce the winner to be Alex Chalk of the Conservative Party, many congratulations! Let's see if this result is replicated come the General Election May 7th...

Pre-Election Debate Results